Manufacturer Prefixes

Manufacturer Prefix Code
3M Company - Abrasives 3MA
3M Company - Safety 3MS
3M Company - Tape 3MT
Abanaki Corporation ABAN
Abbott Workholding Products ABWP
Accuform Signs ACC
Action Super Abrasive ACSA
Adjustable Clamp Company ORS
Alemite Corporation ALE
Allen Benjamin ALBE
Allied Machine and Engineering AME
Allison Abrasives, Incorporated ALAB
Aloris Tool Company, Incorporated ALT
Amada Machine Tools America AMDM
American Broach and Machine AMBM
American Carbide Tool Company ACT
American Drill Bushing Company AMDB
Anchor Chemical Company ANC
Ansell Edmont Industrial, Incorporated ANE
Apex Tool Group - Cooper Power Tools CPT
Apex Tool Group Bits (Cooper Power Tools Apex) APX
Applied Superabrasives APS
Arc Abrasives, Incorporated ARC
Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools (ATG) - Jacobs Danaher Tool JAC
Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools (ATG) (Cooper Hand Tools) - Crescent CRE
Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools (ATG) (Cooper Hand Tools) - Lufkin LUF
Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools (ATG) (Cooper Hand Tools) - Nicholson NIC
Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools (ATG) (Cooper Hand Tools) - Wiss WIS
Award Cutter AWC
Bahco North America (Blades) BAB
Balax, Incorporated BALX
Belcar Products, Incorporated BEL
Besly Cutting Tools, Incorporated BECT
Bessey Tools BETO
Big Kaiser BIK
Bilz Tool Company BILZ
Black Diamond Drill Grinder BDDG
Bondhus Corporation BON
Boneham Metal Products, Incorporated BNMP
Brady USA, Incorporated BRA
Brady USA, Incorporated - Sorbent Products Company (SPC) SOP
Brighton Best BRB
Brush Research Manufacturing BRU
Buffalo Abrasives, Incorporated BUAB
Burr King Manufacturing Company, Incorporated BUKM
Butler and Brown Manufacturing BUBR
Capital Safety (DBI Sala) DBI
Carborundum Abrasives Company CAC
Carmex Precision Tools, LLC CMX
Carr Lane Manufacturing Company CAR
Carr Lane Roemheld CALR
Carvesmart CRSM
CEJN Industrial Corporation CIC
CH Hanson PASP
Chicago Pneumatic CHP
Cincinnati Tyrolit CIT
CJT Koolcarb, Incorporated CJTK
Coilhose Pneumatics COH
Collis Tool Corporation COTC
Command Tooling Systems, LLC COTS
Conical Tool Company CTC
Contact Rubber Corporation CORU
Contour360 Corporation CNTR
Cook Hammer Company, Incorporated COHA
Crown Mats and Matting CRM
Dake Corporation DACO
Dauphin Precision Tool DAPT
Desmond Stephan Manufacturing Company DES
Di-Coat Corporation DICC
Dixon Valve and Coupling Company DIX
Donegan Optical Company, Incorporated DOOP
Drillco Cutting Tools, Incorporated DRCT
Dumont Corporation DUMC
Dynabrade DYN
Equipto EQUI
Ergodyne ERG
Essendant (Lagasse) LAG
Everede Tool Company EVT
Form Roll Die Corporation FORD
Fullerton Tool Company, Incorporated FUT
Gojo Industries GOJO
Goodyear Tire and Rubber (Hose) GDY
Greenfield Industries (TDC) - Chicago-Latrobe CHL
Greenfield Industries (TDC) - Cle-line CLE
Greenfield Industries (TDC) - Cleveland Twist Drill CTD
Grobet File Company of America GRF
Guardair Corporation GUC
Hannibal Carbide Tool, Incorporated HCT
Hardinge, Incorporated HARD
Harvey Tool Company, LLC HATL
Hassay Savage HASA
Hayden Twist Drill and Tool Company HTD
Heimann Manufacturing Company HEIM
Heinemann Saw Company HESC
Henkel Loctite Corporation LOC
Hexagon Metrology HXME
Honeywell Safety Products USA, Incorporated - Fibre-Metal FMP
Honeywell Safety Products USA, Incorporated - North Safety NOS
Honeywell Safety Products USA, Incorporated - Sperian BAD
Honeywell Safety Products USA, Incorporated - Swift First Aid SWF
Horn USA, Incorporated HOUS
HTC Tool and Cutter Company HTCT
Huot Manufacturing Company HUM
IMCO Carbide Tool, Incorporated ICT
Imerys Fused Minerals TRB
Insize USA INZ
ITW Pro Brands - Acculube ACCU
ITW Pro Brands - Dykem/Dymon DYK
ITW Pro Brands - LPS LPS
ITW Pro Brands - Rustlick RULI
JPW Industries (Walter Meier) WHM
Kalamazoo Industries, Incorporated KAIN
Kennametal - Widia - Greenfield GRE
Kennedy Manufacturing, Incorporated KEM
KEO Cutters KEO
KEO Milling Cutters KEMC
Kimberly Clark Safety KCS
Krylon Products DVB
Kurt Manufacturing Company KUM
Kyocera-SGS Tool Company SGS
Lapeer Manufacturing Company (Knu-vise) LAMC
Lavallee and Ide, Incorporated LAV
Leatherman Tool LETO
Lexington Cutter LECU
LSP Industries, Incorporated LSP
Lyndex-Nikken, Incorporated LNNK
Magafor MGF
Martindale Electric Company MAE
Meyer Gage Company, Incorporated MEGA
Micro 100 Tool MICT
Milwaukee Electric Tool MIL
Mitee-Bite Products, Incorporated MIBP
Mitsubishi Materials USA MIT
MK Morse Company MKM
Modern Abrasive Corporation MAC
Monroe Fluid Technology MOFT
Monster Tool Company MOTC
Mitutoyo America Corporation MTI
Natrium Products, Incorporated NAP
Newell-Rubbermaid - Lenox NERL
Niagara Cutter, Incorporated SECN
North American Tool NAT
Northwestern Tool NOWT
NTK Cutting Tools USA, Incorporated (NGK) NTK
NTM, Incorporated NTM
OC White Company OCWH
Oerlikon Balzers Coating USA OBCU
Ohio Drill and Tool Company ODT
Osborn International OSB
Parlec, Incorporated PARL
Protective Industrial Products PIP
Precision Brand PRB
Precision Marshall PRMA
Production Tool Supply Company ZZPT
Products for Industry PRFI
Pyramex Safety Products PYR
Radiac Abrasives RAD
Regal Cutting Tools RCT
Reiff and Nestor Company REF
Richards Micro-Tool, Incorporated RIMT
Robb Jack Corporation ROJ
Royal Products ROY
Royal Products (Albrecht) ALB
Saint-Gobain Merit Abrasives MER
Schaefer Brush Manufacturing SCBM
Seco Tools SEC
SHOWA-Best Glove, Incorporated BES
Simonds International Corporation SIM
Sowa Tool and Machine Company, LTD SWMS
Spectrum Brands (Rayovac) RAY
Spirakut Products SPPR
Spiralcool SCC
S-T Industries, Incorporated STII
Stanley Proto - Proto PRO
Stanley Proto - Stanley STN
Stanley Vidmar STVI
Starett Webber Gage STR
Starrett Company STR
Sticks and Stones Unlimited, Incorporated SSU
Streamlight, Incorporated STL
Superabrasives, Incorporated SAB
SW Anderson Company (Helicoil) ANR
Sweco SWEC
Tanis Brush Company TABC
Tapmatic Corporation TAPM
Techniks TEC
Te-co TEO
Tool-Flo Manufacturing, Incorporated TFM
Travers Tool Company, Incorporated TRTO
Ultra-Dex ULDX
Unbrako, LLC UNBR
United Abrasives (Sait) UNA
United Drill Bushing UNDB
Universal Industries UNIV
Universal Superabrasives UVS
Vaughan and Bushnell Manufacturing Company VBM
Vernon Devices, Incorporated VEDE
Viking Drill and Tool VID
VSM Abrasives Corporation VSM
WD 40 Company WDCO
Weiler Corporation WEB
Widell Industries Industrial WDL
Xebec Brushes XEBE
YG-1 Tool Company YGTC
Yamawa (YMW) YMWT
Zebra Skimmers ZES
Zoll Medical Corporation ZOM